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Configuration in ASP.NET Core

With the release of ASP.NET Core, configuration was given a major upgrade. The new options API provides the ability to add configuration sections to the service provider and then inject them using the options interfaces. Unfortunately, I still see people injecting IConfiguration and then manually grabbing values with strings.

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CQRS with Entity Framework Core

Over the past decade, CQRS has become more popular and implementing it with Entity Framework Core makes it easy. We’re going to start off by discussing what CQRS is, different ways to implement it, and why Entity Framework Core is ideally suited to it. We’ll finish with examples of command and query implementations.

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Index on SQL Server Guid Column

If you’re working with SQL Server, chances are good that you have come across the need to create an index on a guid column. In some cases, although I don’t advise it, guids are used as the primary keys on every table. This typically results in a clustered index on these columns. Other times you […]

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DDD Value Objects With Entity Framework Core

For those who aren’t familiar, there is a concept in Domain Driven Design that distinguishes between objects with identity (entities) and those without (value objects). When we model the domain we typically think in terms of entities which are then persisted and modified over time. They form the basis for which we describe the business […]

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Many to Many Relationship Entity Framework Core

Working with a many to many relationship in Entity Framework Core has always been one of the harder things for developers new to Entity Framework. This is going to be a short post detailing how to create them and configure the relationship. We’ll also discuss common scenarios when working with them.

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Why You Should Read the .NET Core Source Code

In the first five years that I was working as a developer I didn’t once bother to read the .NET framework source code. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably the case for most software developers. We work with the .NET framework and associated tools and libraries every […]

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Paging in Entity Framework Core

If you’re using Entity Framework Core and building any non-trivial enterprise application then using data tables with paging is almost a certainty. There are two ways to do this: server side and client side. Which one you choose depends on your design and your needs. There are pros and cons associated with both so you […]

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