Automated infrastructure and deployments

Modern software development demands faster delivery of features with decreased time between iterations. That means your teams need to run seamlessly between the business and its requirements, the development team, and your infrastructure. If you’re still manually deploying, provisioning infrastructure, and not taking a security first approach to your whole pipeline, then you’re going to be unable to keep up with the competition.

Efficient, reliable, stable, secure; these are the key words we operate on. At Edgeside, everything we do is with automation in mind. That’s why we focus heavily on the latest DevOps trends, practices, and technology. Our DevOps consulting promotes a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility among development, operations, and other stakeholders.


Continuous integration & delivery, infrastructure as code, security, and stability

Why DevOps

Transformation at organizational scale


Accelerated Time-to-Market

Enterprise DevOps enables rapid development, testing, and deployment of software applications. Your organization can launch new products and features faster, staying ahead of competitors and capitalizing on market opportunities swiftly.


Improved Quality and Reliability

Automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployment practices ensure higher code quality and reliability. Reduced defects and improved stability lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a positive brand image.


Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

DevOps breaks down silos between development, operations, and other departments, fostering a culture of collaboration. Improved communication and teamwork lead to better problem-solving, streamlined workflows, and a more cohesive, efficient organization.


Cost Efficiency​

Automation and streamlined processes reduce manual errors and operational overhead. Lower operational costs, reduced downtime, and optimized resource utilization result in significant cost savings for the organization.


Increased Innovation

DevOps encourages experimentation and innovation by providing a flexible and fast-paced development environment. Your organization can more easily explore new ideas, iterate on existing products, and adapt to changing market demands, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.


Enhanced Security and Compliance

Security practices are integrated into the development lifecycle, ensuring that security is not compromised in the quest for speed. Strengthened security measures and continuous compliance monitoring lead to reduced security risks and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, safeguarding the organization's reputation and customer trust.


Better Employee Satisfaction and Retention

DevOps promotes a collaborative, empowering, and learning-oriented workplace culture. Happy and motivated employees are more productive, creative, and loyal, reducing turnover and attracting top talent to your organization.


Data-Driven Decision Making

DevOps practices provide valuable data and metrics on development, operations, and user feedback. Informed decision-making based on real-time data leads to more effective strategies, allowing the organization to continuously improve processes and outcomes.


Scalability and Flexibility

DevOps practices enable the organization to scale its operations seamlessly and adapt to changing business needs. Your organization can respond quickly to market fluctuations, scale resources up or down as needed, and maintain operational efficiency under varying workloads.

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