Staff Augmentation

The best talent sourced anywhere in the world

Sometimes you don’t need to bring on a consulting firm to run your whole project from start to finish, but you may need extra temporary resources. That’s where we step in. Leverage the flexibility and cost savings of our staff augmentation to fill out only the positions you need.

Unlike other companies, we don’t place job postings on career boards. We reach out to all of our candidates directly after handpicking them based on their qualifications and our proprietary selection process. Our standards-based approach has resulted in a greater than 90% placement rate. Combined with our global reach, you can be confident that we can find the talent you need in any industry, field or time zone.

Focus Search and Placement

Finding the right talent for the right project

Our team of in-house software architects, project managers, and design professionals interview every candidate we work with. We’re a technical company that builds our own software, and we believe that if a candidate isn’t good enough to work on our systems, then they aren’t good enough to work on yours. As your talent sourcing partners, you can trust our commitment to providing only the best individual contributors. 

We start off with our pre-screening process where every candidate is interviewed for their communication level, professionalism, soft skills, and fit for the role. We look beyond just the technical skillset as we believe the right talent is a fit for your company on a personal level, not just technical requirements.


Talented individuals are more than just their skillset

If you’ve worked with the typical staffing and consulting firms, then you’re probably used to the usual quality and process. You provide them a job description, they give you a stack of resumes. Sometimes you get lucky, but you always have to go through many interviews. Even worse, the recruiters don’t actually know what they’re hiring for.

We’re different. We take care of the in-depth technical interview, so when a candidate makes it to your desk, you can be sure they have the technical skills necessary to perform to expectations. No automated online testing, no gimmicky algorithms, just a one-on-one technical interview with our architects. How many staffing and consulting firms have you worked with that could offer you that?

In-depth Technical Interview

Only the best

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